what’s up with all the slagging off of canadians over the olympic games?

is this true?

is what i’ve been hearing being told in complete truth?
cause ya know, the media does like to play things up. sells more.

it’s all over the radio, it’s all i hear when i turn the thing on. canada is being a complete bunch of assholes over the games.
that they’re on home soil during the games and they’re all cocky about it.

the radio announcers are saying that canada is “strutting around”.
i’m not in vancouver so i don’t know.

canadians (not all of them) are very quick to use the word “americans” while rolling their eyes as a subtle hint of rudeness.
i’ve never bought into this way of thinking. and if there is rudeness on display our neighbours south of the border aren’t the only ones guilty of it.
i’ve seen enough canadians display a capability for rudeness that exceeds that of any american.

so what gives with the behaviour at the winter games?

is it true?