in keeping with my theme of Clean & Destroy i dug some prints out of the bottom of the closet and took them to the frame place to be done.
it’s been a few years, maybe it’s time.

i had such good luck with the last print i took there that i thought i’d take more.
i’m an idiot. just so you know.

last and first print i took there was a christmas present. i selected a frame that was in keeping with my good taste and it only cost me $14 and change.

the time before this new frame place i’m going to, i went to an expensive frame place and spent just over $300 on three prints. uh-huh.
and this will not happen again.

now, today……..i wanted more than just good taste on display, i wanted superb taste on display. i wanted to show the world that i had an eye for color, a talent for design, that i was a cut above the rest.
what i needed was the bank of canada behind me to pull it off.

holy mother of god.

i found two frames that were the perfect choice to show off my prints. oh, by the way, the prints cost me a dollar a piece at a flea market about 5 or 6 years ago. i am a walking money pit of despair.

so anyhoo……

i spent much time choosing the mat colors that would lie between the prints and the most perfect of frames.


them damn mats are ex-pens-ive.
when i left i had paid $158 plus change. and i don’t even have the frames bought yet.
the nice woman said she’d hold the frames for me and when the mats came in they’d put them together.

i’ve been framed by my own good taste.

pity? anyone?