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warriorwitch has left the building and will return in early May.


what a day – not!

i spent the morning doing nothing. well ok drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes is more than nothing. and i got paid for it so…….yeah on a rethink here i did more than nothing.

the nothingness of nothing. and i got paid for it. bahahahahahahaha.

anyway, moving on………i spent the afternoon getting the boss a new chair.

an exciting life i has.

uh huh, yup, uh huh, uh huh, yup. i’m not goin nuts. nope. no sir. not me.

and i got paid for it. bahahahahahahahahaha………….

just shoot me

went out with a friend today, actually stayed over at her place last night and then today we went out and about as i like to say.
boy was i glad to get home. it’s trying…….even headachy sometimes to keep the peace.

her opinions are strong and they’re the only ones that make any sense so…….she’s always right. ain’t that nice.

everything from why i don’t trust the general public and want to wind up the car windows, as well as lock the car doors, when my shopping bags are inside and we’re gone into the next store to why the sky is blue.
if only i could be right for once. just once. not all the time just…once. hmmmmmm.

if only i weren’t considered paranoid or naggish or foolish or STUPID. if only.

sad is me. who knew my behaviour was so backwards and S T O O P I D.

oh i know. next time i go shopping on my own.
next time i have a great relaxing day off  and wander the aisles of the mall on my own.
next time i take as long as i like for coffee.
next time i whack people with my purse if i want to.
next time blah blah blah…..ya get the picture???

yeah……shoot me. it’ll hurt less.