closet cleaning and then house cleaning. it’s refreshing……’s liberating…….it’s theraputic……hell it’s spiritual to clean out the old and scrub the shelves and walls and floors blah blah blah clean.
but i’m tired and taking a break. only so much clean one witch can handle per day.

it’s also fun, i’ve found things i have long forgotten about. and then i threw them out. i worked with someone once who said “if we haven’t used it in the last 6 months throw it out”.
well some of my junk hasn’t seen the light of day in around 8 years. out it went.
i found adapters, usb cord thingies, and chargers that i have no idea what it belonged to. all gone to the garbage bin. i feel bad about wasting so much stuff. fuck knows what it belonged to. like they say, after you throw it out you’ll find a use for. but i’ve watched enough episodes of Hoarders and it all went to the trash.

i was at loose ends after this dejunking kick and called a girlfriend to go shopping. NO the irony of this is not lost on me.
i threw out 6 pairs of jeans that i really didn’t like and bought a very niceΒ new pair new-to-me pair. we hit every second hand store we could find and had the time to make it to in one day. i got three tops and a vintage Guess purse for $27. it’ll come in handy in florida, i leave on tuesday. of all my purses i didn’t have one for summer. that’s just wrong.

went to winners cause, well, it was on the way to the next second hand shop. i shouldn’t have gone in. should have stayed in the car. shouldn’t. i went in and couldn’t leave without it. it is a huge red bag. looks like a handbag but is the size of a suitcase. love it.

there are crows outside my window as i’m typing this. they’re sitting in the trees squawking and now flying by. crows are said to be messengers but as i don’t speak crow i have no idea what they’re on about.

i scrubbed the garbage can with vim, it was the only thing i can find to get rid of the grease. and then i attacked….

the crows are back.

………the floor around the stove, it was covered in grease. the cat hair sticks to the grease and well i’m sure you get the picture. the stove got a good cleaning and then i got tired and went for a shower. i’ll find something else to clean tomorrow.

hate cleaning and doing it in small amounts at a time works best for this witch. besides a sparkling clean house is an unhappy one.

get lost crows.