there is 18 lbs of black fur and whiskers lying between me and the lap top at the moment. it’s inconvient, and he snores, but i love him.

yesterday i heard a kafuffle and the white cat scream.  i chased the sounds and found my very large black cat, now sitting still and the picture of complete innocence, with a chunk of white fur sticking out between his teeth.

today has been a write off as far as getting anything done. well part of the issue is lack of money cause i spent most of it getting prints framed.
and i’m really looking forward to seeing them done.
i may just put up a photo of them when they are.

the usual got done around here, all the domestic stuff. i was supposed to go to a movie with a friend but she worked all night and so slept all day. we’re going to try to do it this evening instead.
so while i wait i’m putting up this post and wishing my arms were longer. at least long enough to reach around a very large black pile of fur and whiskers.