we used to have a jabba-the-hut at work but he got transferred or retired or something. i can’t remember really cause once he was gone i put him out of my mind. he was only memorable in the worst way and my current world always has enough ugly. i don’t need to remember the ones that have gone.

now it seems there is another jabba. this one not so ugly but more fat.
lazy is the word that hangs over his head, is imprinted on his forehead and eminates from his aura.

he has back problems and i have sympathy for these people cause i’ve had my own back issues and it isn’t easy. this week he has complained to another coworker that no one seems to understand his misery, that people think he’ll get better “all of a sudden” when his pain medication is finished.

i felt bad for him and i even stuck up for him when i heard “these people” he referred to slagging him off. silly stupid me. i turned my back for 5 minutes and he was sticking a knife in it.

i was asked by one to the supervisors for help with a report he was writing which was due that day. i had work to do for my own supervisor but this was nothing that couldn’t wait an hour or two. this guy had a report due that day and so i put him first.
i left the office afterwards for a coffee and a smoke cause i had worked right through break. i got SUMMONED back to the office by a dinasour of a supervisor who believes this Jabba #2 can’t do any wrong and demanded an explanation as to why the books were still lying on the table and not seen to.

i can imagine what Jabba #2 said to him. my explanation did nothing for his temper and Jabba #2 was sitting in his chair, or as much of his fat ass as he could stuff into it, looking sideways at me. guilt is an easily recognized emotion fat ass. hope you enjoyed the show Jabba cause i’m getting the cauldron out.

Jabba #2 has been writing evaluation reports for days now and it isn’t his forte. it’s been driving him nuts. he even asked me to write one, as i had nothing to do at the moment (and i hate writing them too) i said yeah, give me one. i had it hand written in an hour (i learned to write before we got computers) and typed in 15 minutes. consider saving it and printing it and then hand delivering it – i was done in an hour and a half. Jabba hasn’t finished one yet and he’s been at it all week.

have a good day fat ass.