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i’ve been away for far too long but in my defence work keeps me busy. it ain’t easy being a world travelling life saving completely indispensable unquestionably georgous woman, but i try

seriously though i have been away a lot. work!

my friend lost her cat this week, he lived 18 years and he was an outdoor cat so i consider him lucky he lived that long. she’s not so good. it will take some time to get over.

i have been trying to quit smoking and this champix stuff really does work. i have completely lost interest in cigarettes, it’s like a wonder drug. of course in a couple of years after i’ve grown an extra arm and started walking backwards, speaking only in gibberish the drug may not seem so fantastic.
today however is quite the different story. it’s great not to have to dish out all that money for ciggies.
now comes the question, what will i do with all that extra cash?

speaking of felines, my black one is now 20 lbs. that’s 20. twen-t. a big 2-0. soon i won’t be able to lift him and the vet will have my head for feeding him so well.
at the moment he is sitting in the window swatting at the sun catcher.

this champix has different effects on people. before i started i heard stories of nightmares, sadness, irritability blah blah blah.
well my nightmares? only had two. so i feel ripped off there. for a person who doesn’t dream this was ok with me. i was enjoying them. bummer.

and as for all the rest, i got stomach cramps and well i’m not sure if i can blame the bitchiness on champix but hey why not. so add the bitch from hell to the list.

in other news: you know you spend too much time at starbucks when you get to the counter and the girl rhymes off your order and gives you the price as she holds out her hand for payment.

at home i have been cleaning up a lot and now it’s time for a sidewalk flea market. i don’t want to do it cause i hate the ants. they’ll get into all my stuff and then i have to carry back what didn’t sell and ants ants ants. forget it.
there is a sunday fleamarket thingie in town, inside a building – an air conditioned building, and i’d like to go for that but when i asked all my friends that drive they weren’t interested in fleamarketing. ah well. it wil happen sometime this summer cause i’m not living another winter with all this shit in the middle of my bedroom.

and that’s about all from my corner of the globe.



warriorwitch has left the building and will return in early May.

what a day – not!

i spent the morning doing nothing. well ok drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes is more than nothing. and i got paid for it so…….yeah on a rethink here i did more than nothing.

the nothingness of nothing. and i got paid for it. bahahahahahahaha.

anyway, moving on………i spent the afternoon getting the boss a new chair.

an exciting life i has.

uh huh, yup, uh huh, uh huh, yup. i’m not goin nuts. nope. no sir. not me.

and i got paid for it. bahahahahahahahahaha………….