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i’m fat therefore i go

hi ho

hi ho

i’m fat,

to the gym i go

hi ho

hi ho

hi ho.

that rhymes right?


and now i’m back from that torture place. i met up with my weight trainer who tells me that since i’ve been away for a few months that picking up with my last program was not a good idea. no wonder i was wiped out on friday and couldn’t get off the sofa. so now i have a new program that isn’t quite so hard and i might just make it to the weekend.

life is good.

so shower time and then the prince of persia and then to check out the new bbq place in town. sometimes the life of a single girl is ok.


so the movie was great. it was one chase scene after another, i don’t think it will win any awards but it was good fun to watch.

the Q was ok. they got the the pulled pork and brisket right but flopped on the beef ribs. stupid me i should have known better, should have ordered the pig ribs not the cow ribs. ah well.

am tired now, body weary, muscle aching, been to the gym, kinda tired. tomorrow is another day and i’ll do it all over again.

tights not required

just got home from seeing the new Robin Hood movie. best one ever.
i liked this movie and would see it again. i even recommend it.

this has been a long week – a long week of avoiding the idiot supervisor. he left our office for a day of training at another branch and the word on the street is “who is this idiot?”
now, how do people like him get promoted???
confuses the fuck out of me.

also this week i made my way back to the gym and it hasn’t changed, still smells like sweat, still has the odd old person in an outfit not suited to him and still has people who get in my way. if i won the lotto not only would i go to a fat farm and pay them not to let me out until i was skinny, i’d build my own gym. a place where i could have the workout gear first, no waiting. at all.

seriously what ever made the old guy think a sagging tank top and baggy shorts would look good on him.


summer is here. so are the bugs. lets hear it for winter!!!
only 4 months to go and i can watch the leaves fall off the trees as the cold fall wind cuts across my face. can’t wait…….

fuck champix.

i called it quits, not to the ciggies but to the meds. that stuff is whacked. i was completely miserable. i felt like a little kid who couldn’t find his mother. couldn’t sleep, ate too much, no energy and in the end didn’t quit smoking.
don’t do it, this stuff is sick. it’s not worth it, i’d rather be a skinny smoker than a fat non smoker. that stuff left me so tired and depressed that i couldn’t get off my ass. i dragged myself around all day, took a bus home from work instead of walking, never saw the inside of the gym and then laid on the sofa and watched tv all evening. what a fucking waste of my time.

and that’s been my week.

mothers day

well i called mine and wished her the day, same as every year. i sent her a book and a box of chocolates with an overly expensive card. she’ll throw the card away, eat the chololates and read the book. so not all is lost. the chocolates will be “ok” and the book will have “something wrong” with it. ah well.

she tells me that a cousin died at age 61. heart attack. her second one. i barely knew her but i was in her house once or twice. i remember her as a large woman who ruled with an iron fist. even the toughest of us cannot argue with death in the end.

i have often thought of friends and death and who will be the first of us to return to that big light first. then i thought of my death and i think i will go quietly with no funeral, no flowers and no coffin. just roasted and sprinkled on my neighbours yard in the dark of night when they’re all asleep. can i get away with that? will my lawyer do it?

maybe if i pay him enough.

it’ll be my last act of “piss on the lousy neighbours” before they come in and rob the place after i’m dead. maybe i’ll piss on all my stuff before the big end.
ha ha that’ll get em.

but it’s mothers day and despite it all she did give us life. i suppose i owe her something.